On Monday, December 5, 2022, the Student Charity for Ukraine, a support project that will send winter clothing to Ukraine, commenced on Kinugasa Campus. Conceived by Toshiki Nakamura (1st year, College of International Relations) and Natsumi Nishimura (1st year, College of International Relations), the project is being implemented in cooperation with the Ritsumeikan Co-op.

 Saddened by the devastation in Ukraine, Nakamura and Nishimura volunteered in relief efforts in Austria and Poland in October 2022 to help the people of Ukraine in any way they could. They provided meals, distributed relief supplies, assisted in carrying luggage, and worked in a soup kitchen at the facilities where refugees from Ukraine were staying near the border areas and checkpoints.

 Ukraine faces severe power shortages after seeing some of its infrastructure destroyed by Russian attacks. Many Ukrainians are facing a harsh winter without adequate winter clothes and the ability to stay warm. After returning to Japan, Nakamura and Nishimura decided that they wanted to continue providing support to Ukraine, and came up with a plan to collect winter clothes and deliver them to Ukraine. Their project was made possible with the cooperation of the Ritsumeikan Co-op.

Comment from Toshiki Nakamura and Natsumi Nishimura

 Ukraine is currently heading into a freezing winter amidst severe power shortages, but there is a lack of winter clothes. The driving force behind this project is our sense of urgency amid this situation.
 We hope to bring a little warmth to the people of Ukraine by running this project to deliver them winter clothes.

Project Overview

  • Period
    12/5 (Mon) – 12/16 (Fri)
  • Collection box locations
    Kinugasa Campus: Zonshinkan Hall Cafeteria; in front of Book Center Furatto
  • Requested items
    Winter clothes, warm clothes
    *Note: Please refrain from donating items that are dirty, wet or broken. These cannot be used.


December 07, 2022 NEWS

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