Karin Morisaki (2nd year, College of Law) placed third in the women's 73 kg weight class at the 12th Fazza Dubai 2022 Para Powerlifting World Cup held in Dubai from Thursday, December 15 to Sunday, December 18, 2022 by lifting 70 kg. She also won first place in the Next Generation Division.*
* Next Generation Division: A category for athletes aged 18-20.

This World Cup served as a ranking event for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, and the Japanese national team participated with the goal of improving their ranking.

Morisaki usually competes in the 67 kg weight class, but in order to expand her medal possibilities and her own potential for the Paris 2024 Paralympics, she changed weight classes for the first time and competed in the 73 kg weight class.

Her first lift was a successful attempt at the Japan qualifying standard record of 65 kg. In her second lift, she successfully met the world qualifying standard record of 70 kg. In her third lift, she attempted the Paralympic qualifying record of 72 kg, but unfortunately fell short; however, her 70 kg attempt, her first in the 73 kg weight class, was good enough for a third place finish.

Morisaki plans to compete in the 23rd All-Japan Para Powerlifting International Invitational Tournament in January and the 6th Japan Challenge Cup in Kyoto in April. Her results in these tournaments will determine if she can compete in the Dubai World Championships this August.


Comment from Karin Morisaki (2nd year, College of Law)

Thank you for support. I was able to gain experience by trying something new and switching weight classes for the first time.
In competitions, I often make mistakes by lowering the bar too quickly and stopping too short, so keeping this in mind during the tournament, I was able to raise the bar beautifully in my first and second attempts. In my third attempt, I realize that I let my guard down after my previous successful lifts, so my form was weak.
Going forward, I want to work on improving my mental and physical strength before my next competition. I hope you will continue rooting for me.


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