The website of the Ritsumeikan Advanced Research Academy (RARA) was selected by the CSS Design Awards judging panel as one of 21 Website of the Year 2022 Award nominees.

 Established in 2009, the for CSS Design Awards are an international web design and development award that recognizes and honors innovative websites. A panel of judges comprised of the world's leading web designers, creative directors, and other professionals scored the entries based on three indicators, “UI design”, “UX design”, and “Innovation”, the RARA website was ranked among the top 21 designs in the world.

 Ritsumeikan University has set a goal “to realize a next-generation research university that creates value for coexisting with society” as part of its R2030 Academy Vision. Opened in April 2022, RARA is a group of core researchers who are spearheading research at Ritsumeikan with the aim of creating innovative research fields that will allow Ritsumeikan to contribute to the society of the future as a next-generation research university.

 To help Ritsumeikan become a next-generation research university, RARA will use its website to continue sharing a range of content, including Dialogues at RARA Commons (a video series featuring RARA Fellows engaging each other in dialogue), and broadcasting the research output of its fellows.

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