Ritsumeikan University recently held its commencement and graduate school degree conferral ceremonies for the 2023 academic year. The ceremonies were held on Osaka Ibaraki Campus and Suzaku Campus on Wednesday, March 20, on Kinugasa Campus on Thursday, March 21, and on Biwako-Kusatsu Campus on Friday, March 22, with a total of 6,811 undergraduate students and 1,204 graduate students starting their new lives.

President Yoshio Nakatani delivers a congratulatory address
Undergraduate student representative Taira Sugimoto (College of International Relations)
Graduate student representative Rina Kanai (Graduate School of Life Sciences)
Alumni Association President Daisaku Kadokawa

 The ceremonies began with a video message from the university to the graduating students. After that, President of Ritsumeikan University Yoshio Nakatani presented the undergraduate and graduate student representatives with their diplomas. In his speech, President Nakatani mentioned the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on New Year's Day and expressed the Academy's determination to support recovery and reconstruction efforts. He then encouraged the graduating students who are about to head out into the world to think about what kind of support they can provide and implement it. Next, he provided the following words of encouragement to the graduating students: “Precisely because we find ourselves in uncertain and uneasy times, I hope that you will choose not to fear failure and continue to courageously try new things. It is you, and no one else, who will change the future. If you challenge your mind, I am certain you will be able to pave your own way to a brilliant future.”
 Daisaku Kadokawa, the President of the Alumni Association of Ritsumeikan University, was also in attendance along with several university officials.

 Flower walls and photo spots were erected in each venue so that students could take commemorative photos. The graduating students shared their joy with their families, friends, and faculty members who have supported them during their time at Ritsumeikan, and everywhere on each campus you could see their smiling faces.

 Congratulations everyone on your graduation! We sincerely hope you will use the experiences you gained at Ritsumeikan as a springboard to the future.

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