Global Network

The AJI Institute Promotes International Networking and Global Research Collaborations

The AJI Institute promotes the formation of international academic networks and research collaborations with institutions of higher education and research worldwide. This is in accordance with the Institute's missions of functioning as a gateway to Asia, a global hub of Asia-Japan research, and a leader in the globalization of research and the international dissemination of research findings.

Meridian180 (International Online Forums)

One of the recent fruits of our international collaborations is our participation in Meridian 180, an international network offering multi-lingual online forums, a unique and innovative venue for shared learning and experimentation. The AJI Institute concluded MOUs with Cornell University (2018) and Northwestern University (2019) in the USA, and joined this network, bringing together universities, especially around the Asia-Pacific rim, to share awareness and knowledge on pressing problems, both global and local, with specialists in various fields engaged in exchanging specialist knowledge and experiences through online discussions.

In Ritsumeikan University, a Meridian Group was formed by the University's faculty members in 2018, through the "Research results dissemination program" based on of the MOU with Cornell University. They participated in the Meridian180 Global Summit in Hong Kong in June 2018, and then held an international conference on "Smart & Shrinking Cities" in Ibaraki, Osaka in February 2019, organized by the Asia-Japan Research Institute, the Research and Development on Regional Information Institute, and the Research Center for Sustainability Science. The Group hosted an online forum on "Smart & Shrinking Cities" in March-April 2019 for the first time, and it was received quite successfully.

Ritsumeikan University has assured its role as a Japan Base for Meridian 180. The Institute oversees taking care of its secretariat. We plan to invite various specialists in central and local governments, business entities, and non-governmental organizations among others within Japan to participate in this valuable international network.

Participation in the network is free of charge for any person concerned with our common issues on global and local dimensions. It offers opportunities to communicate with specialists around the world, to be part of the frontline discussions on important issues of global concerns, and to serve the global public interest.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us, by sending an email inquiry:


International Collaboration

The Institute promotes research collaborations with universities in Asia as well as universities concerned with Asia-Japan research in any part of the world.

Australian National University (ANU) has been collaborating with the College of Global Liberal Arts, established in Osaka Ibaraki Campus in April 2019. The Institute started a faculty exchange program with ANU in 2016. Every year, we receive faculty members sent by ANU as visiting researchers and hold joint research.

In 2019, a new program to send our faculty members to ANU has started.
Please see the list of visiting researchers from ANU.

The Projects within the "Program for Asia-Japan Research Development" have been actively engaged in strong research collaborations with universities and researchers in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries.

International Symposiums and Conferences

The Institute organizes various kinds of international research meetings, including symposiums, conferences, and workshops, as part of global research collaborations.

In February 2018, in cooperation with Cornell University, a pre-kick off meeting was held in Kyoto, in preparation for participating the Meridian 180. Within the meeting, workshops titled "Is Democracy Sustainable in an Aging Nation?" and "Global Data Governance" were held.

As the next step, we have participated in the Meridian180 Global Summit, an annual conference, in Hong Kong, and hosted an Idea Stream (discussion session) on "Smart & Shrinking Cities".

In March 2018, the first international conference for the Institute outside Japan was held in the city of Malan, Indonesia. It was held jointly with Brawijaya University in Malan, as the 9th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC). Three projects within the "Program for Asia-Japan Research Development" participated in the conference.

In February 2019, an international conference on "Smart & Shrinking Cities" was held in Osaka Ibaraki Campus of Ritsumeikan University. It was organized jointly by the Asia-Japan Research Institute, the Research and Development on Regional Information Institute, and the Research Center for Sustainability Science. Seizing this opportunity, with strong support by the city of Sakai, the participants attended a useful field trip in Sakai and its historical settings, having a fruitful international cultural exchange.

In the academic year of 2019, we are planning to hold joint symposiums and workshops with Durham University in the UK and National University of Malaysia (UKM).

The Institute continues to promote participation in international research meetings as well as organizing sessions in these meetings.

A list of international research meetings we are engaged in

Date and Theme
May 2019
International conference on "Changing East Asian Security Environment and Future of the Korean Peninsula" (with the Institute's support).
February 2019
International conference on "Smart & Shrinking Cities" organized by the Institute, jointly with two other research institutions).
June 2018
Meridian180 Global Summit in Hong Kong (Ritsumeikan University hosted a session on "Smart & Shrinking Cities").
April 2018
International Conference on "South-North Summit and Prospects of the Post-Summit Era" (with the Institute's support).
March 2018
The 9th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) in Malan, Indonesia (jointly held by Brawijaya University and Ritsumeikan University).
February 2018
A joint research meeting as a pre-kick off meeting for Meridian 180, with two guest professors from Cornell University, held by the Institute in Kyoto.