The AJI Priority Research Program

The AJI Research Institute applied for the Priority Research Program in Ritsumeikan University, and it was adopted once more for 2021 (fiscal year).

In February 2021, the Institute held an international symposium commemorating the 5th anniversary of its establishment. The AJI Research Institute, as one of the research bases in Ritsumeikan University, has promoted a variety of researches, publishing two English and one Japanese Journal each year, and has held various international research workshops and conferences to fulfil our role as a "Gateway to Asia" and to be a springboard for young researcher’s academic careers.

During this year, we will promote the following research themes under the Priority Research Program, while linking these themes with the three fields of "symbiosis," "co-creation," and "reconciliation," which are the pillars of the AJI Research Institute.

Some of the professors and young researchers from our three campuses, fifteen undergraduate and graduate departments, and two research institutes will participate as basic members of this Program. Many members from outside will also participate in it.

We will continually provide information on research seminars, workshops, symposia and so on. You can check it on the Events Page

Project (Project Leader)Overview
Diversity of Asian Civilizations and Development Paths (Professor Yasushi KOSUGI [Director of the AJI Research Institute]) This project develops a post-Eurocentric perspective based on the diversity of Asian civilizations and development paths. In this year, this project aims to envision a new era of the global world from the perspective of Asia, while taking account of a post-corona age and promoting DX (digital transformation). The 3rd International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development is planned to be held in cooperation with Malaysia. This research project also has a wide variety of focuses such as the promotion of SDGs, Asian approaches to disaster management, comparative field studies on families in East Asia, research on cultural exchanges between Japan, China and Korea, and the Islamic economy as an Asian development.
Co-Creation and Collaboration in Science and Technology with Southeast Asia (Professor Satoshi TANAKA [College of Information Science and Engineering] In this project, we will strongly promote joint research with Southeast Asian countries, where significant progress has been made in the AJI Research Project, with regard to co-creation and collaboration with Asian regions.
Asian Islam and Gender Theory (Professor Kota SUECHIKA [College of International Relations]) This research project aims at the further development of a study on moderate and progressive ways of Islam in Asia. To this end, we will seek for more detailed investigations into the realities of Asian Islam, while incorporating a view on gender equality, which is one of major issues in the SDGs. We will also promote research on Islamic law in a broad area of Asia.
Methods and Prospects for Promoting Asian and Japanese Studies by Utilizing the International Online Forum (Professor Hiroyuki MORI [College of Policy Science]) The purpose of this project is to expand our utilization of Meridian 180, an international multilingual online forum. In doing so, we aim to promote Asian and Japanese studies.