• 2023.03.31

    【Tue., April 18】The 53rd AJI Frontier Seminal will be held! Dr. Kazutaka SOGO will make a presentation about transformation process of party politics in prewar Japan.

  • 2023.03.10

    【Wed., March 15】Meridian180 Workshop will be held! “Language Policy in Contemporary China: The Birth of Pinyin and Simplified Chinese Characters” (Associate Professor Wenyi Yin/Language: Japanese/Online: Register required)

  • 2023.03.01

    【Sat., March 4】International Colloquium will be held! “International Colloquium on Islamic and Halal Economic Studies: Towards a New Horizon in the Post-COVID Era (Registration Required; Admission Free)

  • 2023.02.17

    【Thur. ~ Sat., February 23~25】The 2023 International Symposium of Asia-Japan Research “Asia-Japan Research Beyond Borders: Asian Societies Striving for Secure and Sustainable Life” will be held! Please join us by registering using the flyers for each

  • 2023.02.17

    【Mon., Feb. 27】AJI International Workshop will be held! “Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in the Era of Climate Change: Vietnamese and Japanese Perspectives” (Hybrid: Registration required)

  • 2023.02.14

    【Wed., February 15】AJI International Workshop will be held! “From the Frontier of Asian Diaspora Studies: Perspectives on Migrants, Refugees, and Returnee Diasporas”(Registration required: Admission free)

  • 2023.02.06

    【Tue., February 14】The 52nd AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Dr. Fahlesa Munabari (Senior Lecturer, Universitas Budi Luhur) will make a presentation on the dilemma between the economic and public health policies under COVID-19 and the Indonesian go

  • 2023.02.05

    【Sat., February 11】 International Colloquium will be held! “Fourth International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development Beyond the COVID-19 Era in Asia: Young Researchers’ Engagements”

  • 2023.02.03

    【Mon., February 6】Meridian180 Workshop will be held! “Non-standard ‘Standard Chinese’: Language and Society in Contemporary China” will be held! (Language: Japanese/Pre-registration for free admission)

  • 2023.02.01

    【Thur., February 2】Ritsumeikan-ANU Public Lecture will be held! Prof. Marcus Mietzner will make a lecture on “Indonesia after Widodo: Contested Legacies and Futures”

  • 2023.02.01

    【Wed., February 1】Meridian180 Workshop will be held! “DX of Research and Multilingualism in the Post-COVID-19 Era” will be held! (Language: Arabic)

  • 2023.01.27

    【Tue., January 31】 Graduate Student Colloquium, “Arts and Culture Studies of East Asia in the Post-Media Era: Themes and Perspectives”, will be held! A next generation of researchers will make diverse themes.

  • 2023.01.26

    Meridian180 Forum “Local Knowledge and Community Participation in Disaster Response” was held on January 26! (Language: English, S/I: Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese)

  • 2022.12.21

    【Tue., January 10】The 51st AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Dr. NGUYEN Thi Thuong makes her presentation about treatment of mine wastewater by artificial wetlands using clamshells.

  • 2022.12.21

    【Fri., December 23】 Zero Carbon City Japan-China Forum will be held! Japan and China will sign a cooperation agreement to realize sustainable cities.

  • 2022.11.19

    【Thur., December 15】The Seminar of Economics in Ritsumeikan University will be held! Mr. LE CONG TRU (Dean, Faculty of Economics, NongLam University) will talk about ICT application in shrimp farming in Vietnam.

  • 2022.11.17

    【Wed., December 14】 The 12th AJI Book Launch will be held!: Globally Shared Common Sense from the Philosophy of Imagination (AJI Research Institute, Ritumeikan University, September 2022). Dr. MATSUI Nobuyuki, Dr. Fernando WIRTZ, and Dennis

  • 2022.11.17

    【Tue., December 13】The 50th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Dr. Mufidah AFIYANTI makes her presentation about the possibility of bio-stimulants and organic pesticides for plants’ growth

  • 2022.11.17

    【Wed., December 7】The 11th AJI Book Launch will be held! Dr. Nara ODA will talk about her book, Invented Traditional Medicine: A History of Medical Policy in Vietnam (in Japanese)

  • 2022.11.16

    【Wed., November 23】The Japan-Indonesia International Conference on Islamic civilization and the tradition of Arabic poetry will be held (in Arabic).

  • 2022.10.19

    【Thur., November, 17】A public lecture entitled: “Nuclear Weapons and Alliances: Theoretical Insights and Implications for Policy” will be given by Professor Stephan Frühling (Australian National University)!(Language:English)

  • 2022.10.18

    【Tue., November 8】The 49th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Dr. Aoi MOCHIZUKI (Senior researcher, Asia-Japan Research Institute, Ritsumeikan University) makes her presentation about political dynamics in Japan’s policy of accepting “refugees”.

  • 2022.10.15

    【Wed., November 2】The 2nd “Meet the Author” series (AJI Book Club) will be held! Professor MUN GyongSu (Emeritus Professor, Ritsumeikan University) will talk about his book about the island history of the Jeju since the “Jeju 4.3 Incident” in 1948 (i

  • 2022.10.11

    【Sat., Oct 29 (JST)】 AJI International Workshop will be held! “The Anthropocene and Postwar Japanese Philosophy: Critical Assessments and Propositions towards New Perspectives” (Admission: Free)

  • 2022.09.23

    【Wed., October 26】The 10th AJI Book Launch will be held (Japanese)! Associate Prof. Satoshi NAGANO(College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University)reports his edited book, Theory and Practices of Gerontology: Long Life Wellness.

  • 2022.09.22

    【Tue., October 11】The 48th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Mr. Daimon AOI makes his presentation about transparent stereoscopic visualizations.

  • 2022.09.02

    【Tue., September 13】 The 47th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Mr. Shunto KIMURA (Graduate School of Human Science, Ritsumeikan University, Doctoral program) make a research presentation about maternal childcare stress and the effectiveness of semi

  • 2022.07.15

    【Sat., July 23】 International Symposium of Meridian 180 will be held! On the new E-Book, City, Public Value, and Capitalism: New Urban Visions and Public Strategies (Keynote Speech: Professor Annelise Riles)

  • 2022.07.06

    【Thur., July 14】 AJI International Workshop will be held! “Toward Sustainable Agriculture of Rice in Asia: Economic Challenges and Policy Aspects” (Admission: Free)

  • 2022.07.01

    【Wed., July 13】 The 8th AJI Book Launch will be held! Associate Professor Chika OBIYA (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University) reports her book on Uzbekistan in the post-Soviet era (in Japanese)

  • 2022.06.23

    【Tue., July 12】 The 46th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held (in Japanese)! Dr. Kazutaka SOGO (Senior Researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization) makes his presentation about the problem of the prewar Japanese political system from the vi

  • 2022.06.12

    【Tue., June 14】The 45th AJI Frontier Seminar will be held! Dr. ZHANG Jiahao (Senior Researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization) presents a policy model for the local economic developments (Admission: Free)

  • 2022.05.24

    【Sun., June 12】International Symposium “Syrian Refugees in Their Calamities, Survival, and Future Lives: A Japan Roundtable” will take place! (Keynote Speaker: Professor Wendy Pearlman [Northwestern University])

  • 2022.05.24

    【Thu., June 9】 The 5th AJI Book Launch will be held! Professor Wendy Pearlman (Northwestern University) talks on her book, We Cossed a Bridge and it Trembled: Voices from Syria (English/Japanese simultaneous translation)

  • 2022.05.24

    【Wed., June 8】 The AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar will be held! Professor Emeritus GyongSu MUN (Ritsumeikan Un

  • 2022.05.09

    The 44th AJI Frontier Seminar was held : Dr. Ho Thanh Tam (Senior Researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University) makes her presentation on sustainable agricultural practices and policies with cases of Shiga (prefect

  • 2022.04.12

    The 43th AJI Frontier Seminar

  • 2022.03.16

    ❝3rd International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development❞

  • 2022.03.08

    ❝Cross-Cultural Adaptation for Asian People: Challenges and Self-Growth❞

  • 2022.02.25

    Towards Building a Sustainable and Resilient Society in Southeast Asia: Unmasking Opportunities and Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 2022.02.10

    AJI Symposium ”Asia-Japan Research Beyond Borders: Global Sharing of Local Wisdom Towards Human Longevity”

  • 2022.01.28

    Young Asian Researchers Association

  • 2021.12.27

    Meridian 180 Global Multilingual Forum Gendered Transformations under the Pandemic in East Asia (Zoom Webinar)

  • 2021.11.18

    The 5th Ritsumeikan AJI Lecture & Talk 2021

  • 2021.11.10

    Joint International Islamic Economic Symposium New Frontiers of Social Welfare and Market Systems in the Post-Capitalist Era: Islamic Economic Perspectives

  • 2021.10.18

    The 38h AJI Frontier Seminar

  • 2021.10.15

    Local Knowledge as the Basis of Disaster Management in Asia

  • 2021.09.30

    Locally-Led Disaster Management ang Humanitarian Assistance in Asia Online Course

  • 2021.09.07

    Joint Conferences of Brawijaya University & Ritsumeikan University on Traditional Asian Drugs and Foods ―

  • 2021.08.31

    The 36th AJI Frontier Seminar

  • 2021.07.27

    2nd International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development

  • 2021.07.09

    The 35h AJI Frontier Seminar

  • 2021.07.09

    The 34th AJI Frontier Seminar

  • 2021.06.25

    International Workshop on Asian Diaspora in the Era of Globalization: Lived Experiences among Different Cultures

  • 2021.06.17

    Early Career Researchers Careers Workshop

  • 2021.05.14

    The Multi-layered Dialogue between the Muslim Society and East Asian Cultures

  • 2021.03.19

    2nd International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development

  • 2021.03.01

    International Symposium Online, based on cooperation agreement between Ritsumeikan University and Northwestern University Food and Agriculture beyond the Pandemic

  • 2021.02.16

    The 5th Anniversary International Symposium of Asia-Japan Research at Ritsumeikan University Asia, Japan, and the Global Society: Developing Research through Cross-Border Academic Collaboration