AJI Interdisciplinary Seminars

The AJI Interdisciplinary Seminar series started in April 2020.

The Institute of Asian-Japanese Studies promotes interdisciplinary research on Asia and Japan, with researchers both from within and outside Ritsumeikan University in a wide variety of specialized fields participating in its activities. This series of seminars was created to promote and enhance interdisciplinary research and encourage active exchanges among specialists from different fields.

These seminars are held on campus and online to enable the participation of a wider audience. We would like to promote these seminars and research meetings more and more, to seize this opportunity to transcend borders constantly by using online formats. It is our hope that we can succeed in opening an interdisciplinary academic space, aiming at strengthened global scientific exchanges.

List of Seminars

No.1 "Researchers under the Coronavirus Crisis:
Challenges and Prospects"
Yasushi Kosugi,
Director of the AJI
April 28, 2020 Report
No.2 "Diaspora as a Methodology:
Humanities Resisting against Consolidation of the State and the Borders"
Takanori Hayao,
Associate Professor at
Tokyo Keizai University
June 2, 2020 Report
No.3 "Reconsidering the History of the Middle East and Islamic Areas,
Based on Research on Books of Universal History"
Osamu Otsuka,
Associate Professor at
the University of Tokyo
June 30, 2020 Report
No.4 “Dynamics of Identity of Migration/Refugees in the Muslim Society in the Southern Philippines” Ikuya Tokoro,
Professor at Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
July 12, 2020 Report
No.5 “Understanding Regionalism and Japan from the Perspective of International Politics:
Asian Regionalism as a Legacy of Pan-Asianism”
Toru Oga,
Associate Professor at Faculty of Law, Kyushu University
September 22,2020 Report