New-Generation Researchers’ Units for the “Creative Asia-Japan Research from Ritsumeikan University"

In FY2022, the Asia-Japan Research Institute established various research units to promote original “Asia-Japan Research.” Through each research unit, organized mainly by next-generation researchers, our aim is to disseminate creative Asia-Japan researchers unique to Ritsumeikan University. In addition, these units will play a role in the “Gateway to Asia” by building networks for collaboration among international researchers worldwide. A series of international workshops will be organized through each unit, so those of you who are interested are invited to keep an eye on the EVENTS section of our website.

  The General Picture of the Unit
“Asian Paths of Civilization and Development” Unit Under preparation
“Japanese Philosophy” Unit This unit is organized by researchers interested in building a post-Eurocentric philosophy. Building on this interest, we will address contemporary issues surrounding humanity and nature, technology and society, and the finitude of natural resources.
“Asian Diasporas” Unit Under preparation
“Culture and Art in East Asia” Unit Under preparation