Global Network

International Collaborations with Universities in Asia

The Asia-Japan Research Institute proactively engages in research interactions with universities in Asia. International collaboration through the Research Development Program and its Projects is also actively underway, with close collaboration with universities and researchers in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries.

《Record of past Research Collaborations》

Year/Month/Date Workshop title
2022/03/19 International Colloquium: 3rd International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development
2022/11/23 Japan-Indonesia International Workshop: “Islamic Civilization and the Arab Poetry Tradition” (in Arabic)
2019/12/04~05 International Workshop: “International Workshop on Waqf Development and Revitalization in Malaysia” (Co-hosted)
2019/10/17 International Colloquium: “Asian Paths to Civilization and Development” (Co-hosted)
2019/10/14~15 International Symposium: “Islam, Civilization, and Science”
2018/03/07 国際シンポジウム“The 9th International Symposium: “The 9th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) & AJI From Ritsumeikan University” (Co-hosted)