The 26th AJI Frontier Seminar on the “The Appreciation and Research of Chinese Ci Poetry in Japan”

On December 15, 2020, the 26 AJI Research Frontiers Seminar was held online. This time, Dr. Chunyu Jin made a research presentation under the title of "Acceptance and Research of Ci (Chinese poetry of the Song Dynasty) in Japan". She introduced the process by which Chinese poetry from the Song Dynasty was accepted in Japan, and the state of research on Ci poetic studies not only in China but also in East Asia, including Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, along with pictures of the reference materials. After the presentation, there was an enthusiastic question-and-answer session on the prospects of humanities research in East Asia, including the possibility of the application of literary criticism theory in the study of Ci poetic studies and the development of a method to visualize the network of literary exchanges digitally.

Dr. Jin delivering her findings