Researchers from Asia-Japan Institute Participated in the 18th Asia-Pacific Conference

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) hosted the 18th Asia Pacific Conference online on November 14th and 15th, 2020, under the theme of “Asia Pacific and Beyond: A Pursuit for Inclusion and Innovation.”
Researchers from Asia-Japan Research Institute participated in two panel sessions: in the panel session entitled, "Prospects for Asian Paths of Sustainable Development", Dr. Fitrio, Dr. Ammar, Dr. Kirihara, and Prof. Kosugi gave presentations on on-going efforts and prospects for sustainable development in Asian countries.
In the panel session entitled, "Transformation of Value Systems and Social Integration in Asia", Dr. Matsui, Dr. Ikehata, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Kuroda gave presentations on social integration, philosophy and cultural issues in Asian countries.
As an institute belonging to Ritsumeikan University, the Asia-Japan Research Institute is seeking strategies to enhance the academic communication with APU. We are planning to organize new panel sessions at the 19th Conference in 2021 as well.

Prospects for Asian paths of sustainable development
1 Enhancing the Sustainability of Rural Communities: the Terroir Approach as a Tool for Selective Commodification (Fitrio ASHARDIONO)
2 Current Trends in Revitalization of Waqf as a Sustainable Islamic Microfinance Instrument: An Overview of the Kuwaiti Vision (Ammar KHASHAN)
3 Diversity of Halal Food: Expansion of Distribution and Halal Exhibitions in the Modern Islamic World (Midori KIRIHARA)
4 Resurgent Islamic Jurisprudence and an Alternative Path of Development (Yasushi KOSUGI)

Transformation of Value Systems and Social Integration in Asia
1 Arab Democracy at the Crossroads: Mapping the Discourse of anti-Radicalism in the Post-Revolutionary Political Culture (Ayaka KURODA)
2 Consensus Making in the Modern Islamic World: Discourses of Agreement in International Conferences (Fukiko IKEHATA)
3 Social Integration of Diaspora Minorities in Asia and Their Identities: With Special Reference to the Koryo Saram (Korean Community) in Kazakhstan (LEE Jinhye)
4 How Can Human Bodies Form an Inclusive Social Value in the Contemporary Technological Environment? Nakamura Yujiro's Philosophy of the "Common Sense" against Social Fragmentations and Oppositions (Nobuyuki MATSUI)