AJI Frontier Seminars have Started. The first meeting was held on the Tea Industry in Asia

Asia-Japan Research Institute has started a new series of AJI Frontier Seminars. This seminar provides a forum where researchers of the institute and colleagues from other institutions present their latest research findings, share scientific knowledge and information on the frontier of scientific studies, and expand the horizon together. It is an ambitious forum.
 At its first meeting on April 23, 2019, Dr. Fitrio Ashardiono, a research fellow at the Institute, gave a stimulating talk on “Climate Change and the Tea Industry in Asia: Based on Fieldwork in Japan, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka”. He presented cases of the tea industry in three Asian countries with a grand picture of global climate change in the last three decades and its critical effects on tea growers in Asia, arguing that proper programs and actions to counter the negative impacts of climatic changes, based on the terroir concept, are crucially important. After the presentation, questions and answers on the key concept and case studies were vividly exchanged.

Photo:Dr. Fitrio speaking on the Asian tea industry and its future.
Dr. Fitrio speaking on the Asian tea industry and its future.

* This seminar is open to the public. If you would like to come, please inform the secretariat of the institute so that we can prepare the meeting place accordingly.