The first AJI Book Launch was held! Dr. Kawamura Ai reported on her book about the formation of Islamic finance in the Gulf and Southeast Asia(Published in December, 2021).

  On April 22, 2022, the Book Launch was co-hosted online by the Asian-Japan Research Institute and the Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS), Ritsumeikan University.。

  Dr. Kawamura Ai (a researcher at Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute) presented her book, Grafting an Islamic Sapling onto the Tree of Legal Dispute Resolution: Alternative Approaches to Civil Disputes in Islamic Finance in the Gulf and Southeast Asia (published in December, 2021). She specializes in area studies, Islamic finance, and the comparative study of law. In particular, she is conducting a research focusing on value creation in Islamic finance through civil dispute resolution and its challenges.

  In this book launch, Dr. Kawamura focused on how a financial system based on Islamic law, which emerged mainly from the middle of the twentieth century, developed in the capitalist economy, and introduced some criticisms that have been leveled at Islamic economics, and how the concept of the Islamic moral economy that has emerged as a result of the criticisms, based on her field researches and data analysis in Dubai and Malaysia. We learned that the creation of “values” through civil disputes in Islamic finance and the issues involved are discussed in a multifaceted manner based on empirical evidences in her book. In the end, this book launch posed some meaningful suggestions to attendees.

  In the Q&A session, Dr. Kawamura and the attendees could exchange interesting views academically, such as the issue over the standard of Islamic finance in the Islamic world and the role of the Shari’a Board. In addition, all attendees could share in the detailed talks about Dr. Kawamura’s difficulties in writing this book, instructive keys for her field researches, and the future prospects of her research, all of which made this Book Launch informative and encouraged participants to investigate the details further through Dr. Kawamura’s book.

Dr. Kawamura her presentation
Dr. Kawamura reporting her book

Attendees for this Seminar
Attendees for this Book Launch