【Report】 The 6th AJI Book Launch was held! Dr. Midori KIRIHARA talked about her newly published book about the halal industry.

 On June 15, the 6th AJI Book Launch was held, featuring the new Japanese book written by Dr. Midori KIRIHATA (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) / Project Researcher, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University) entitled 『現代イスラーム世界の食事規定とハラール産業の国際化:マレーシアの発想と牽引力』(Dietary Laws in the Modern Islamic World and Internationalization of the Halal Industry: Ideas and Initiatives in Malaysia, published by Nakanishiya Shuppan (March, 2022).

 This book focuses on contemporary dietary laws for Muslims, mainly in Malaysia, and examines the halal industry as part of Muslim social and economic activities. In the introduction to her book, she clarified the meaning of ‘halal’ in the contemporary world from the perspective of various actors such as the diasporas, corporations, nations, and Muslim intellectuals. In addition, it was made clear that this book is not an industrial study, but is a review of the current tides in halal food industry theory as an Islamic economy, and the basis of its sustainable subsistence from the perspective of the theory of Islamic world and Islamic area research. Furthermore, in this age when interests in “food” are increasing from various aspects, empirically grounded arguments have been developed. In this current situation, Dr. Kirihara presented a future task to explore for the subsistence basis for Muslims by considering halal food and food in general in terms of Islamic thought.

 In the Q&A session, there were academically interesting discussions on the gap between the legal issues over the halal industry and the practical aspects of the industry, such as the bottom-up approach, and the branding of halal foods and Islam. In addition, it was a quite meaningful meeting full of very valuable stories that can be known only through this Book Launch such as appealing points to readers and episodes in field research.

Dr. Kirihara talking about her book

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