【AJI-DX Verse】AJI Studios has been set up!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for us to conduct field research and travel in Japan and overseas, we have made various efforts to overcome this inconvenience through the digitization or digital transformation of our research activities.

As is generally known, Zoom and similar meeting services have been used by people all over the world, including researchers. The Asia-Japan Research Institute (AJI) have also used Zoom meetings and webinars to hold international symposiums and workshops, as well as domestic events.

In using these processes, it has been found that webinar services such as Zoom have their limitations. In response, YouTubers, for example, have come up with a variety of more convenient ways to communicate. As a way of disseminating research results, researchers should learn new technologies as needed for the circumstances and develop methods that are convenient for research.

To address this issue, the has AJI established AJI Studios to develop new methods of communication for research meetings and seminars. Associate Professor Khashan Ammar is in charge of its development and coordination.

As a first foray into this media, we utilized the opportunity of Professor Wendy Pearlman's visit to Japan from the United States to conduct a new “broadcasting” experiment at the event of the AJI Book Launch and the following international symposium.

We will continue to seek various ways to improve the dissemination of our research and we would really appreciate it if you constantly checked and supported our DX activities.

AJI-DXバース studio写真
Professor Pearlman talks about her book in the Book Launch at the AJI Studios.

The keynote speech at the international symposium broadcast from AJI Studios (Professor Pearlman)

AJI-DXバース 裏方二人写真
Associate Professor Khashan and Dr. Midori managing this broadcasting in the control room