International Symposium of Meridian 180 “City, Public Value and Capitalism” will be held to commemorate the release of the e-book!

Northwestern University Libraries has published a new e-book, City, Public Value, and Capitalism: New Urban Visions and Public Strategies. From Ritsumeikan University, Professor Tomohiko Yoshida and Professor Hiroyuki Mori from the College of Policy Science and Professor Tomoyuki Chikamoto from the College of Science and Engineering written chapters for this book. It is also the result of the research project "Smart & Shrinking Cities" under Meridian 180, which has promoted collaborations between Ritsumeikan University and Northwestern University since 2018. Please access to the website to read this book.

Moreover, the Asia-Japan Research Institute (AJI) will have International Symposium of Meridian 180, “City, Public Value and Capitalism”, co-hosted by Northwestern University to commemorate this new publication on July 23, 2022. Please do not hesitate to join us, if you are interested in this topic. For further details, please check the flyer.