【Report】The 10th AJI Book Launch was held! The authors of Theory and Practice of Gerontology: Long Life Wellness (Satoshi NAGANO et. al., Ronsosha, 2022) talked about their book

On Wednesday, October 26, the 10th AJI Book Launch was held online. This time, Associate Professor Satoshi NAGANO (College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University), Professor Keikoh RYU, and Dr. Miki MIKAMI (Visiting Researcher, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University) organized the book launch and talked about the writing and editing of their book, Theory and Practice of Gerontology: Long Life Wellness (Ronsosha).

This book launch was held in the way of joint presentations by co-authors and co-authors. Dr. Mikami, one of the editors, moderated the event. First, the lead editor, Professor Nagano, gave an overview of this book and in particular highlighted three milestones that had led to its publication; first, the implementation of an online forum on "Gerontology and Social Technology" based on Meridian 180, the international multilingual forum, second, “The Game of Life from the Age of 60” that was invented by Professor Nagano and introduced in his seminar in the College of Social Sciences, and third, a special focus on those who are active on the front lines throughout their lifetime as role models.

Professor Satoshi Nagano talking about this book

In addition, the co-authors, Mr. Tamio MIYAKE (Former broadcaster of NHK and former visiting professor of the College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University) and Jun KUMOI (Distinguished Professor, The Graduate School of Project Design and former President of the Hyakugo Research Institute Inc.) introduced the sections of the book that they were each responsible for. Also, Mr. Yuta GOTO (a graduate of the College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University) and Tsubasa MATSUMOTO (a fourth-year student of the same college), both of whom had participated in the preparation and presentation of Professor Nagano’s seminar and are also co-authors of this book, shared their reflections on the background story behind the invention of “the Game of Life from the Age of 60”.

Mr. Tamio MIYAKE talking about his chapter

Professor Jun KUMOI talking about his chapter

We were able to conduct this book launch with a diverse group of participants aged from their twenties to their seventies, all from different generations and different positions in life. We would like to offer our thanks to everyone who participated.

Dr. Miki MIKAMI moderating this book launch

Discussion between presenters