【Report】International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development IV:“Beyond the COVID-19 Era in Asia: Young Researchers’ Engagements”

On February 11, the International Colloquium on Asian Paths of Civilization and Development IV, "Beyond the COVID-19 Era in Asia: Young Researchers' Engagements" was held and hosted by the Asia-Japan Research Institute (AJI), Ritsumeikan University.

Seven researchers from Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, participated in this colloquium. All of them are from a next generation of researchers and made the following research presentations.

The first session is entitled "At the Frontiers of Asia-Pacific Research: Philosophy, Modern History, and Sustainable Agriculture" and the following research presentations were presented on modern politics and sustainable agriculture in Japan.

Dr. Kazutaka SOGO (Senior Researcher, AJI) : "Correlation between the Development of Party Politics and the Structure of Colonial Rule in Modern Japan: Focusing on Taiwan in the 1920s"

Dr. HO Thanh Tam (Senior Researcher, AJI): "Policies for Sustainable Agriculture: Promotion and Its Challenges in Shiga Prefecture, Japan"

Dr. Sogo presentation tackled a comparative study between the Rikken Seiyukai party (立憲政友会 Association of Friends of Constitutional Government) and the Kenseikai party (憲政会 Constitutional Party) focusing on the relationship between modern Japanese politics and colonial rule.

Dr. Ho discussed national policies to promote sustainable agriculture based on the results of interviews with farmers, using the case of rice cultivation in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

Dr. Sogo making a presentation

Dr. Ho Thanh Tam(画面内、オンラインでの発表)
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam delivering a presentation (on screen through online)

Next, the second session was held under the title of “Toward an Asian Islamic Life: Waqf, Halal Industry, and Shariah-based Economics” and the research presentations on Islamic economy was presented as follows.

Dr. NUR, Izzati Binti Mohamad Norzilan (Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia): “Projecting New Practices of Waqf Institutions in Islamic Economics: With Special Reference to Malaysian Cases on IoT”

Dr. HAMDAN, Mohammad Naqib Bin (Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia): “Cultured Meat as Alternative for Sustainable Food”

Dr. KAMARUDIN, Mohd Khairy (Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia): “Social Support on Sadaqah-based Crowdfunding”

Dr. Midori KIRIHARA(Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)): “Developments and Challenges of Halal Certifications in non-Muslim Countries: The case of Japan”

Dr. KHASHAN, Ammar(Associate Professor, AJI): “Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Unlock Potential Instruments for Islamic Welfare: Applying FinTech for Revitalizing Waqf in Kuwait”

Dr. Nur’s presentation highlighted the new phenomenon of online Waqf and clarified the practice of Waqf in Malaysia. Dr. Hamdan’s presentation attempted to explore the new realm of cultured meat from the perspective of halal. Dr. Kamarudin made his presentation about a model of motivation for practicing crowdfunded Sadaqah, using statistical approach. Dr. Kirihara’s presentation conducted a comparative study of halal certification standards in Malaysia and Japan. Dr. Khashan’s report examined the role of Fin Tech in the Islamic economy using the case of Waqf.

報告を行うDr. Izzati
Dr. Nur delivering a presentation
報告を行うDr. Naqib
Dr. Hamdan making a presentation
報告を行うDr. Khairy
Dr. Kamarudin making a presentation
Dr. Kirihara delivering a presentation
報告を行うDr. Khashan
Dr. Khashan making a presentation

Each presentation was followed by a lively and meaningful Q&A session that bridges differences in disciplines and research themes. Online participants from overseas joined in as well, which made this colloquium quite active. We really appreciate your participation. 。
Dr. Mochizuki moderating this colloquium
Participants in the venue