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Inaugurated in November 2019
Vol.1, 2019-20
Vol.2, 2021
Vol.3, 2022
Vol.4, 2023
Vol.5, 2024
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[Research Notes]
Content No. Author(s) Title Number of Pages
31 Yi SUN, Na JIANG Grandparents' Co-Parenting Styles in Chinese Cities: Living Styles and Mothers' Quality of Life 13
32 Alpraditia MALIK Willingness to Move to and from Rusunawa: Looking from the Perspective of both Prospective and Existing Residents of Rusunawa in Tangerang City, Greater Jakarta 16
[Book Reviews]
Content No. Author(s) Title Number of Pages
71 Gour Gobinda GOSWAMI Bangladesh's Economic and Social Progress From a Basket Case to a Development Model, ed. by Munim Kumar Barai, Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020 4
72 Kozo OTSUKA Automotive Industrialisation: Industrial Policy and Development in Southeast Asia, by Kaoru NATSUDA and John THOBURN, London and New York: Routledge, 2021 3
73 Ravichandran MOORTHY Philosophy and Practice of Bioethics Across and Between Cultures Ed. by Takao TAKAHASHI, Nader GHOTBI and Darryl R. J. MACER, Christchurch, Tsukuba Science City, Bangkok: Eubios Ethics Institute, 2019 3
74 Benjamin SCHRAGER Nature, Culture, and Food in Monsoon Asia Ed. by Satoshi YOKOYAMA, Jun MATSUMOTO, and Hitoshi ARAKI, Singapore: Springer, 2020 4
75 NISHIZAKI Nobuko Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management in Japan: From Asia to the World By Ryo SAKURAI, Singapore: Springer, 2019 4
76 Hylmun Izhar Growth of Islamic Banking in Indonesia By Sigit Pramono and Yasushi Suzuki: Routledge, 2021 2