Journal of the Asia-Japan Research Institute of Ritsumeikan University

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Inaugurated in July 2019
Vol.1, July 2019(below)
Vol.2, October 2020
Vol.3, October 2021
Vol.4, November 2022
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On the Establishment of the Asia-Japan Research Institute
The Ritsumeikan Charter
Japanese Literature Tradition of Grasping the Intangible Experience between Enlightenment and Romantic Legacy: Kato Shuichi's Unique Contribution on Linguistic Sensibility in Society MATSUI Nobuyuki 1
Out of the Destruction of Hiroshima: the Social History from Primary Sources of Rebuilding Human Lives during the City's Reconstruction Marina NISHII 16
Protecting Japanese Tea Growers from the Devastating Effects of Climate Change: A Terroir Based Ecosystem Approach for Rural Development Fitrio ASHARDIONO 29
Evaluation of Greywater Reclamation and Reuse System in a Japanese University Building Naoki YOSHIKAWA,
Toshiyuki SHIMIZU,
Challenges for National Dialogue in the Post-Arab Spring Era: The Case of Bahrain Shun WATANABE 56
Advancement of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons and Survivability under the Kim Jong Un Regime: An Assessment based on Nuclear Deterrence Theory CHOI Jung Hoon 73
[Book Reviews]
Creating Foreigners: "Stowaways" and the Implementation of the Immigration Control System in Post-war Japan, Sara PARK, Kyoto: Nakanishiya Publications, 2017 Gyongsu MUN 95
Empire and Constitution: Why could the Second Sino-Japanese War not be prevented? BANNO Junji, Tokyo: Chikuma Shobo, 2017 YOSHIDA Takehiro 98
Ibn Battuta and His Journeys to the Border Regions: New Studies on Rihla Ibn Battuta Hikoichi YAJIMA, Nagoya: Nagoya University Press, 2017 Yasushi KOSUGI 106
[Research Project Reports]
The "Great Divergence" and the "Great Convergence":Reconstructing World History with Asian Perspectives Norihisa YAMASHITA 110
Redefinition of Asian Urban Theory through the Practices of Policy Science Tomohiko YOSHIDA 114