Projects that Began in 2023

Projects adopted


Since 2016, the Asia-Japan Research Organization of Ritsumeikan Univesity has conducted 15 projects in total under the " Research Development Program for Asia Japan Research" and provided the results of these projects both domestically and internationally.

In order to realize the next-generation research university proposed in the “Gakuen Vision R 2030 Challenge Design”, the three new research projects were adopted to further develop the research on Asia and Japan at Ritsumeikan University, to promote research with concepts and strategies that are distinctive to Ritsumeikan, and to further increase contributions to Japanese and international societies .

List of adopted projects


Project Leader :
Professor Kazuko Takaya (College of Economics Professor)


Project Leader :
Professor Sachiko Miyata (College of Business Administration Professor )


Project Leader :
Professor Kenki Adachi (College of International Relations Professor)

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