AJI Program to Develop Career Path Forming Capabilities

The Institute strives to help a next generation of researchers to build their own career paths, by fostering their capabilities to do so. With the full name of “Career Development Corridor” this is an “AJI Program to Develop Career Path Forming Capabilities.”

The metaphor of “corridor” represents a time-space where researchers walk together, exchanging ideas, discussing issues of their concern, and assisting in the development of each other’s careers. We also provide these researchers with our advice based on many years’ experience. So, what happens in the corridor is about collaboration and collective endeavor.

The corridor comprises a number of specific programs. Among them are three grants-in-aid for research activities, namely, budgets to support the dissemination of research results in English, the international co-authoring of papers, and the organization of international research meetings, including workshops and symposium sessions.

This corridor is basically for those who belong to the Institute, namely, senior researchers, research fellows, and researchers in the Institute.

Recently, we also started to call for applications from within the University for the three kinds of grant-in-aid activities mentioned above. Those who can apply are: Assistant professors, tokunin assistant professors, starting assistant professors, research assistant professors, senior researchers, researchers, and starting researchers within the University. We look forward to receiving your applications.

For more details, please see here.