Profiles of Young Researchers

LEE, Jinhye

Assistant Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University
Specialized field: Area Studies in Central Asia, Kazakhstan Studies, Korean (Koryo Saram) Studies
Degree:Ph.D. in Area Studies (Kyoto University), 2019
Doctoral Thesis: Social Transformation of the Korean Diaspora (Koryo Saram) in Contemporary Kazakhstan
Recent Papers : Lee Jinhye. 2017. Identity of the Korean Diaspora in USSR, Koryo-saram, in Perestroika Period: An Analysis Based upon Article of Lenin Gichi,1986 to 1991, Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies 10: 177-191.
Lee Jinhye. 2019. Identity Formation of the Korean Diaspora(Koryo saram)in Contemporary Kazakhstan: An Analysis Based upon Articles of Koryo Ilbo, Korean Diaspora across the World: Homeland in history, memory, imagination, media and reality, Lexington Books, pp. 131-145.
Recent Research Interests: Multi-ethnic Coexistence, Social Integration, Minority, Ethnicity
Researchers' Essays:In Order to Stay Connected to the World: As a Korean Diaspora Researcher