Profiles of Young Researchers


Senior Researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field:Area Studies, Islamic area studies (Specialty is Halal Food Industry)
Degree:Ph.D. in Area Studies (Kyoto University), 2020
Doctoral Thesis: Contemporary Developments in the Halal Industry in the Islamic World: Malaysia's International Initiatives and the Transnational Formation of Halal Certification Systems
Recent Papers : "Islamic Cosmopolitanism in the Contemporary World with Special Reference to Contributions of Hashim Kamali." Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies, vol. 11, pp. 128~139, 2018.
"Halal Food as the Basis for Muslims' Lives: The Case of the Afghan Diaspora from the Perspective of Religious and Cultural Sustainability." Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 35-47, 2020.
Recent Research Interests: Islamic law, Halal Food, the structure of Halal certification system, Muslim Diaspora
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