Profiles of Young Researchers

SATO, Marie

Assistant Professor of University of Tsukuba Visiting Researcher, Asia-Japan Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field:Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, Refugee Studies
Degree:Area Studies (Kyoto University), 2016
Doctoral Thesis: Refugee Crisis and Islamic NGOs in the Contemporary Middle East: A Case Study of Jordan
Sato, Marie "Network of Muslim Communities in Japan and Their Coordination With Syrian NGO Based in Turkey:Focusing on Syrian Refugee Relief Work from Otsuka Masjid and Japan Islamic Trust," Imin Seisaku Kenkyu, Vol.14, 2022, pp.92-107.; Sato, Marie, "Refugee Protection by Islamic Solidarity: A Case Study of International Cooperation by Islamic NGOs in Jordan," Refugee Studies Journal, Vol.11, 2021, pp.94-106.
Recent Research Interests: Resilience of Monarchy, Refugee Protection and Islamic NGOs, Urbanization, Land Use/Housing in Arid zones
Link: SYNODOS "Refugee Protection in an Urban Society where Islam is Alive"
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