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Visiting Researcher, Asia-Japan Research Institute, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field:Gender and development, Area studies (India)
Degree:PhD (Social science) Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University, March, 2019
Doctoral Thesis: Politics and Agency over Women's Dairy Cooperative Society as Development Policy: A Case of Rajasthan, India
Recent Papers : ・Yukiko Nakamura, 2008, "Discourse and Practice in the Women's Dairy Cooperative Movement: The Case of One WDCS, Barf-samiti, in Rajasthan, India The Practice and Discourse" Beyond the Difference: Repositioning Gender and Development in Asian and the Pacific Context, Ochanomizu University the 21st COE Program Frontiers of Gender Studies, Publication Series No.32, pp139-150.
・Yukiko Nakamura, 2014, "Women's Participation and New Democratic Spaces of Dairy Cooperative Organizations: Multi-Scale Perspectives in Rajasthan, India", Keichi Kumagai & Yoko Yoshida eds., Building Global Networks through Local Sensitivities, Japanese Researchers' Contribution to Gender and Geography, International Geographical Union, Kyoto Regional Congress & Pre-conference at Nara, August 1-9, 2013, Japan, pp. 77-90.
・中村雪子,2015,「インドにおける女性酪農協同組合をめぐる政策と言説の変遷――ジェンダーと開発の視点からの批判的検討」,『人間文化創成科学論叢』第17巻,pp. 267-276.(Yukiko Nakamura, 2015, "Changing Policy and Discourses on Women's Dairy Cooperative Society in India: Critical Examination of Gender and Development Perspective" (Japanese), Journal of the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences vol. 17, pp. 265-276.)
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