Profiles of Young Researchers

MATSUI, Nobuyuki

Visiting Assistant Professor, Research Organization of Open Innovation & Collaboration, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field:Japanese Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Common Sense, Institution Theory, and Theory of Rhythm
Degree:Ph.D. in International Relations (Ritsumeikan University), 2016
Doctoral Thesis: Rescuing 'Right for Narrative':Historical Evolution of 'the Moral' and Pathos of Solitude
Recent Papers : "Alternative View of Institution from the "Place of Nothingness": Social Philosophy of Nakamura Yujiro as the Post-Excluded Middle Law"(Matsui Nobuyuki, October 2020, Journal of the Asia-Japan Research Institute of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.2, pp.133-148.)
Recent Research Interests: Philosophical investigation for the globality in terms of "common sense" (The study of globally-shared common sense)
Institutional transformation from the "capital-nation-state" to the "capital-digital-state" Human society in the 21st century from the perspective of thinking of "rhythm" in histories of east and western philosophy
Dialogue to the Future: Interviews with Young Researchers of the Asia-Japan Research Institute