Profiles of Young Researchers

SOGŌ, Kazutaka

Senior Researcher, Asia-Japan Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field:Political History of Modern Japan, Political History of Taiwan under Japanese Rule
Degree: Ph.D. in Letters (Ritsumeikan University), 2022
Doctoral Thesis: Power Consolidation under the Meiji Constitutional System and the Party Cabinet System: The Bottleneck of Politics based on Responsible Cabinet
Recent Papers: 1. "The Second Wakatsuki Cabinet's Framework for Administrative System Reform and Party Cabinet System: Rethinking the Issue Concerning the Abolishment of the Ministry of Colonial Affairs," Journal of Japanese History, vol.709. pp17-45, 2021 (Japanese)/2. "The Senior Statesman Saionji Kinmochi and 'The Way of Constitutional Politics': Focusing on Nakagawa Kojuro's Activities," Journal of the Ritsumeikan Archive Center, vol.3, pp7-51, 2020 (Japanese).
Recent Research Interests: Political structure of the interwar Japan, Correlation between Japanese politics and colonial rule issues. retrogressive process of the logic of responsible cabinet system in modern Japan.