Profiles of Young Researchers

NGUYEN Thi Thuong

Senior Researcher, Asia-Japan Research Institute, Ritsumeikan University

SSpecialized Field: Wastewater treatment, Heavy metal removal, Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden
Degree: Ph.D in Science and Engineering (Ritsumeikan University), 2022
Doctoral Thesis:“Heavy Metal Removal from Mine Drainage by Using Pilot- and Lab-Scale Constructed Wetlands”
Publications: 1. Nguyen, T. T., Soda, S., Kanayama, A., Hamai, T., 2021. “Effects of Cattails and Hydraulic Loading on Heavy Metal Removal from Closed Mine Drainage by Pilot-Scale Constructed Wetlands”, Water, 13(14), 1937. 2. Nguyen, T. T., Huang, H., Nguyen, T. A. H., and Soda, S., 2022. “Recycling Clamshell as Substrate in Lab-scale Constructed Wetlands for Heavy Metal Removal from Simulated Acid Mine Drainage”, Process Safety and Environmental Protection.
Recent Research Interests: Wastewater treatment and biomass production using constructed wetlands, Wastewater treatment and resource recovery by using microorganisms and aquatic plants