In order to pass on the world's cultures to future generations, Art Research Center researches and analyzes--from a historical and social perspective--fine arts, performing arts,
technology, skills, techniques, and other tangible and intangible cultural heritages, for the purpose of recording, organizing, preserving, and transmitting them.

On a foundation of the comprehensive research capabilities in the humanities and the social sciences that Ritsumeikan University has built, the Center utilizes the latest cutting-edge digital technology to conduct research and development of systems for the preservation and use of theater, the performing arts, and other "time art," systems to support artistic creation, systems to promote the sharing and enjoyment of art by the general public, an understanding of art and educational systems and programs for that purpose. The Center also conducts related educational and promotional activities.

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ARC (Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University)

International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC)

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