Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies

The Korean Peninsula is one of the world's hot spots, and has attracted significant concern not only in Northeast Asia, but in relation to the peace and security of the world as well. In that context, the relationship between Japan and South Korea has been overcoming its former antagonistic nature and is continuing to become closer. On the other hand, serious problems have also been revealed. However, the development of a closer relationship is vital to both Japan and South Korea, and that relationship has increased in importance for the future outlook for cooperation and partnership in Northeast Asia, which is experiencing the world's most dynamic growth.

Centered around College of Law professors, since 1998, Ritsumeikan University has received scientific research grants to pursue socio-legal research on the democratization and legal and political structure of modern South Korea, as well as large-scale joint research with up-and-coming South Korean researchers over a number of years. At the same time, the University has organized the "Northeast Asia Seminar" and has been carrying out research on modern South Korea within the context of Northeast Asia. Recognizing the importance and urgency of research on modern South Korea, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan-Korea relations, the University established the Center for Korean Studies in June of 2005 as a center open to the community for the promotion of understanding of the Korean Peninsula, integrated research on modern Korea, and educational exchange on the relationship between North and South Korea.

For more information, see the Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies website.

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