Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center

The supporting pillar of Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center is the management philosophy of world-renowned businessman Inamori Kazuo. Inamori Kazuo's management philosophy is built on the foundation of "an altruistic mind" and "doing the right thing as a human being." It serves as a guideline for people, extending beyond the boundaries of management and beyond the boundaries of philosophy to become actual practice.

Today's civilization is in crisis, with worsening of the earth's environment, frequent conflict, a widening gap between rich and poor, and the deterioration of morals and ethics. Underlying it all is limitless, unrestricted desire. We believe that the "altruistic mind" of Inamori's management philosophy gives a powerful hint for overcoming this crisis.

The Research Center researches Inamori's management philosophy from a diverse academic perspective that includes philosophy, psychology, and business administration, making them universal and generalizing to enable their utilization. The Research Center also conducts research and development on educational programs that will lead to an understanding of Inamori's management philosophy. The Research Center will continue to transmit the results of research and educational activities to the world, and contribute to the progress and development of human society.

For more information, see the Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center website.

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