Institute of Humanities, Human and Social Sciences

Institute of Humanities, Human and Social Sciences has the longest history of any research institute at Ritsumeikan University. Since its founding in 1948, it has brought together researchers both from inside and outside the University, and has vigorously advanced multidisciplinary joint research in the humanities and the social sciences. The Institute has abundant experience in projects to return the results to society. Today the world is faced with an ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor, frequent conflict between ethnic groups and regions, famine, discrimination, and other serious crises that do significant harm to people's dignity and living conditions. Accordingly, expectations toward the humanities and social sciences are growing.

To respond to those expectations, it is necessary to continue our traditions, but at the same time approach multidisciplinary research in a more well-developed manner. The Institute intends to be thoroughly unwavering in its research aimed at such a future. To accomplish this, the Institute will continue to turn its focus proactively toward the abundant wealth of research and lively interest of researchers both inside and outside the University, utilize to the fullest the fresh perspectives and imagination of the young generation of researchers who will carry the responsibility for the future, and pursue "human learning" that holds new possibilities.

For more information, see the Institute of Humanities, Human and Social Sciences website.

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