Research Center for Intercultural Phenomenology

As globalization continues, the frequency of encountering different cultures in the course of our daily experiences, even without traveling overseas, is accelerating greatly. Relationships with different cultures expose a variety of problems, and encourage us to work to understand those cultures and reflect on our own. Even "our own" cultures already include "foreign" elements. However, new different cultures appear, showing a new "foreignness," which also affects our own cultures. Culture is constantly in the midst of this action related to foreign things, but it is rapidly accelerating. Because of this, interculturality is one of today's pressing issues. Research Center for Intercultural Phenomenology analyzes interculturality from a phenomenological perspective and pursues solutions to the problems that become evident. In addition, the Center aims to form the next generation of researchers that can respond to new intercultural circumstances from those research activities or in the course of those research activities.

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