Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations

Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations operates in close partnership with Saionji-juku, which focuses mainly on working people and businesspeople. Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations was established in the Kinugasa Research Organization in order to achieve the aims of Ritsumeikan Saionji-juku more deeply, more broadly, and at a higher level. The Center reexamines the ideal nature of the environment and civilization from their roots, suggests a vision to pioneer a new era of civilization, builds the technical innovation and policies/lifestyles that can accomplish those aims, and reexamines Japan's future from a Pan-Pacific perspective. The researchers and fields of study are diverse, and include environmental archeology, cultural anthropology, disaster geography, Jomon-period archeology, varve environmental history, Mongolia social history, and environmental sociology.

For more information, see the Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations website.

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