International Student Support Coordinator

The Kinugasa and BKC International Centers will begin offering consultation services provided by an International Student Support Coordinator stationed at each center respectively. The OIC International Center will offer the same consultation services but without designating a specific International Student Support Coordinator at this time.

Services offered
The International Student Support Coordinators handle a variety of inquiries related to international students’ student life. International students can visit them to voice any concerns, questions, or worries they may have, and the coordinator will offer advice and assistance, including liaising between the international student and other on and off-campus facilities if necessary to try and reach a solution.
[Examples of issues fielded by the International Student Support Coordinator]

  • “I don’t understand my courses and can’t earn any credits” (curriculum questions)
  • “I can’t make friends/ I can’t get along well with others/ I’m feeling down/ I can’t manage my time effectively/ etc…” (questions about relationships, health and daily life)
  • “I want to participate in an extracurricular activity/ I want to ask about balancing extracurricular activities and part-time work” (extracurricular questions)
  • Issues related to incidents, accidents and trouble (urgent questions)
  • Questions and concerns where a student doesn’t know where to turn and who to talk to, etc…

Consultation Hours
Consultations can be made from Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 10:00.
-Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10:00~11:30, 12:30~17:00
-Wed: 12:30-17:00 on Wednesdays
*From 13:00-17:00 during the long vacations

Kinugasa International Center
BKC International Center
(OIC International Center is scheduled to designate an on-site International Student Support Coordinator from Fall 2019. Until then, other staff at the OIC International Center will provide similar support for students with issues, questions and concerns such as those mentioned above.)

National Health Care

This page provides international students with the information on the national medical insurance system in Japan.

Health Issues

Although studying overseas can be the experience of a lifetime, unforeseen accidents and troubles may occur. To help alleviate both the physical and mental strains on students, Ritsumeikan's campuses provide medical service professionals ready to support the varied needs of its students. For more information, refer to Health Issues page.

In Case Of Emergency

In case of emergency such as theft, violence or assault, serious illness or injury, or traffic accidents, refer to the relevant section of the Ritsumeikan University International Student Handbook.

Download Handbook

The latest Ritsumeikan University International Student Handbook can be downloaded here.

Disaster Prevention Guide

We have produced a manual detailing "What to do in the sudden event of a natural disaster or other emergency".
< Office of General Affairs, Ritsumeikan University >
Please use it to inform yourself about correct decision making and appropriate action in the event of a disaster or other emergency situation.Viewable via smartphone, please be sure to bookmark the site.


OIC Facility Usage Guidelines for Graduate Students

Refer to these guidelines for information and usege of graduate school facilities at Osaka Ibaraki Campus.

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