Outbound Programs

More than 1,700 Ritsumeikan University students during the 2016 Academic Year are taking part in study abroad programs, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Program Duration Number of Participants Description
Global Fieldwork Project One week 2 universities 30 students to each This is a new type of experience-based initiation program. Students are divided into groups and conduct fieldwork such as culture, history, or sightseeing surveys in accordance with a theme decided by each group for a week at their destination location. This program offers various types of assistance. Students are accompanied by a faculty member and there is a buddy system with local students during the study abroad period, making it possible for students to concentrate on their studies. Further, in order for students to enrich their fieldwork experiences, a study camp is held before and after studying abroad.
Ritsumeikan-Showa Boston University "Culture and Society Research" Program Four weeks (Summer) 50 students This initiation program is designed for students with an interest in the social and cultural aspects of Boston as well as the opportunity to live abroad and experience American culture as a whole. Students select and study either American culture or Business English in the afternoon. Japanese speaking staff are available to provide guidance and support to students. This is a joint program with students from Showa Women's University.
Intercultural Understanding Seminar Four weeks
(Summer and Spring)
18 courses/universities
18 to 45 students for each course
This initiation program offers participants an ideal opportunity to improve their practical language skills and broaden their global perspective. 18 courses are available at universities in English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish speaking countries.
Overseas Study Program Two weeks
Four weeks
2 courses
15 to 20 students for each course
The program focuses on practical learning in specialized fields that diverge from rigid language learning and helps students put their on-campus learning into practice while studying abroad. The program offers students opportunities to take specialized lectures in English and go on field trips that facilitate connections between real life experience and the content of each program.
Asian Community Leadership Seminar Three weeks (Summer) 10 students This program is jointly operated by Kyung Hee University, Tamkang University, and Ritsumeikan University, and consists of a three-week "mobility program", during which 30 students (10 from each institution) stay together for a week at each university in August. The program also includes pre-departure/follow-up sessions. In the program, participants will discuss several social issues within the East Asia region that need to be solved through cross-border collaborations that go beyond the interests of any single nation, and propose possible solutions collectively with "Peace", "Asia", and "Future" as central concepts.
Ritsumeikan-Macquarie University "Australia-Japan Relations" Program Seven weeks (Summer) 30 students This program focuses on acquiring English language skills required for the advanced study abroad programs and for study at overseas universities. With the theme of "Australia-Japan Relations", the program centers on lectures by guest speakers in various fields, English lessons to help students understand lectures given in English, and excursions offering opportunities to enjoy Australian nature and wildlife.
Ritsumeikan-University of Washington "Business Entrepreneurship for Sustainability" Program One semester
36 students In this program, students learn about "language, culture, and society" based on the theme of "sustainability". During the first ten weeks, students will intensively study English technical skills and introductory studies about sustainability in order to gain strong foundational principles. For the remaining four weeks, students will deepen their understanding of present society  from the point of view of sustainability through corporate activities and business case studies.
Ritsumeikan-University of California, Davis "Language, Culture, and Society in America" Program One semester
(Summer and Spring)
30 students Students will take 2 sessions of the IEP (Intensive English Program) provided by the UCDE (University of California-Davis Extension). This program aims to improve students' English skills through learning about various topics related to culture and society in America and raise their English proficiency to a level that is capable of taking regular courses at university in an English-speaking country in the future.
Ritsumeikan-University of York “English, Creativity and Academic Skills” Programme One semester
36 students The theme of this program is “Learning Creativity in the UK.” From the beginning to the middle of the program, students focus on studying English for 10 weeks prior to starting specialized learning regarding “creativity.” From the middle of the program, in order to acquire the skill to generate creative ideas, students receive detailed basic to advanced instruction from a faculty member of the University of York who has excelled in the field of “creativity” research. At the end, students utilize the knowledge and capabilities cultivated during the program to engage in a task related to their own interests.
Ritsumeikan-UBC Academic Immersion Program Around one academic year (August to April) 75 students Jointly sponsored with a partner institution, the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, this program intends to improve students academic and English skills and develop internationally minded individuals through a unique curriculum jointly developed by Ritsumeikan and UBC and by experiencing life in Canada.
Ritsumeikan-Alberta University "North-American Language, Culture and Society" Program One academic year (August to April) 15 students This program offers participants learn several topics on culture and society in North America to enhance their English skills and participate in regular courses in the Visiting Students Certificate Program provided by Alberta University.
Global PBL Program for Innovative Mind and Intelligence One semester (August to January) 6 universities 2 to 5 students to each This is an educational program focusing on "international project/problem-based learning (PBL)" to develop global perspective and innovative mind to solve the numerous policy and social issues facing ASEAN countries. This program looks to not only offer opportunities to study abroad in Thailand or Indonesia, but also provide an integrated program that includes pre-departure preparation and post-completion studies.
Exchange Programs One academic year 120 universities One to five students to each Students study abroad for one year at one of RU's student exchange partner institutions (120 universities and institutions in 28 countries and areas).
Dual Undergraduate Degree Program (DUDP) Two years Three courses Several students to each In this program, while registered at Ritsumeikan University, students study in university in the United States or Canada for two years, and can obtain a degree in both universities in four years at minimum. We have programs with American University, whose School of International Studies is one of the highest ranked in its field in the United States., with Suffolk University which is only available to students in the College of International Relations.

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