June 22, 2018 NEWS

Concerning the resumption of classes and reopening of OIC on Monday, June 25 (applies to students and members of the public)

Inspections of buildings and facilities, and all necessary safety checks, have been completed following the earthquake centered upon northern Osaka. Since the repair and recovery process is on schedule, we can officially announce that classes will resume on Monday, June 25.

Restrictions on campus access will be lifted from 08:00 Monday morning (applies to students and members of the public).

Please note that, in the interests of safety, some areas of campus will be subject to restricted access. If access to these areas is required, you must follow notice board instructions to the letter or seek the guidance of a member of university staff.

To reiterate: Campus will remain closed to students and members of the public up to and including Sunday, June 24. We kindly ask for your continued understanding and patience.


June 11, 2018 TOPICS

What are the Policies for preserving Kyoto's Townscape for the next Generation?