Ritsumeikan University in the News from around the Web - Highlights

February 08, 2019 NEWS

Ritsumeikan University in the News from around the Web - Highlights

Ritsumeikan University has a well-deserved reputation for going Beyond Borders and taking on challenges spanning a diverse range of fields. The inspiring activities of faculty, researchers, students and staff mean the university is regularly featured, both directly and indirectly, in English language news articles across the web.

To make it easier for readers to keep up with an ever growing volume of content, we have taken it upon ourselves to produce a regular compilation feature containing links to some of the most interesting articles from the past three months.

Without more ado, welcome to the first edition of Ritsumeikan News Highlights - Nov 2018 – Jan 2019:

Dividing the Sexes: The Modern Evolution of Japanese Gender Roles in Marriage
(Nippon.com – Japan)

(Professor Junya Tsutsui, College of Social Sciences)

Analysis / Could Vietnam hold the secret to North Korea’s future?
(Southeast Asia Globe – Cambodia)

(Assistant Professor Lim Eunjung, College of International Relations)

Why Vietnam Appeals as Possible Host for Trump-Kim Summit
(The New York Times – USA)

(Assistant Professor Lim Eunjung, College of International Relations)

Morocco’s Princess Lalla Hasna Reviews Progress of Air-Climate, Eco-Schools Program
(Morocco World News – Morocco)


Systems engineers relieved over advance notice of new era name, but schedule questioned
(The Mainichi – Japan)

(Professor Tetsutaro Uehara, College of Information Science and Engineering)

Mind & Life Kyoto Conference Bridges East and West; Science and Contemplative Wisdom
(Mind and Life Institute – Japan)


The most baffling optical illusions of the year
(Insider - USA)

(Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, College of Comprehensive Psychology)


January 31, 2019 NEWS

Changing the History of Bicycle Brakes - Ritsumeikan University’s EDGE SPROUT