Chairman of Elsevier, Youngsuk ‘YS’ Chi met Vice Chancellor of The Ritsumeikan Trust, Yoko Matsubara, on Suzaku Campus, Tuesday December 3.

Founded in 1880, Elsevier is the world’s largest publisher of medical and scientific books and journals.

In welcoming Mr. Chi, Vice Chancellor Matsubara took the opportunity to introduce the R2030 Ritsumeikan Academy Vision – including details regarding the sections entitled ‘Ideal Shape of the Academy’ and ‘Ideal Qualities in Our People’; whilst Mr. Chi in return expressed his admiration for recent developments at Ritsumeikan University - taking as a starting point the new Dual Degree Program offered in partnership with The Australian National University.

Discussions later moved on to how the Academy’s founding ideals are embodied in areas such as support for researchers, as well as in Ritsumeikan University’s research strategy itself.

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More information on the R2030 Ritsumeikan Academy Vision:


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