April 14, 2020 TOPICS

An Easy to Understand Guide to Ritsumeikan’s Research Output

Since 2015, Ritsumeikan University has been publishing RADIANT, a report that aims to showcase our wide range of research activities and share the fruits of this research with the general public.

Since the inaugural issue that focused on Asia, RADIANT has provided easy-to-understand coverage of the research activities of Ritsumeikan's faculty, which spans a wide range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences and interdisciplinary projects.

All issues of RADIANT are available online.
The most recent issue of the English version is a special feature on “Life.” It showcases research on the relationship between technology and the brain, the differences between diseases and disorders, drug discovery, biological clocks, and more.

Radiant is an adjective that means “emitting light” or “shining brightly”. We chose this name with the hope that Ritsumeikan University's research will help light the way for the world going forward as the first step toward creating a bright future.

Please stop by and read the latest issue.


April 07, 2020 NEWS

Measures to be Enacted based on the State of Emergency Declared by the Government