We have created the FAQ that covers frequently asked questions and concerns that you may have regarding the classes for the spring semester, student life, study abroad, and career support.
We will update this information as needed, so please make use of it.

Study Support Site

This site has information on Course Registration, Issuance of Certificates, Use of Facilities, IT Support Tools, and other related matters.

Student Life Support Site

This website has information on scholarships (need-based), clubs and circles (extracurricular activities), medical examinations, where to consult if facing any issues, and other related matters.

International Students / Study Abroad Support Site

This website has information on status of residence and scholarships for international students, as well as information on applying and preparing for international study abroad programs, and other related matters.

Career Support Site

This website has information on your career, job hunting, certification and other related to matters.


May 13, 2020 NEWS

Notice on the tuition payment deadline extension