June 14, 2021 TOPICS

[An opportunity to think about your student life]
”First Year Retreat ” for first year students of the College of International Relations

The College of IR held the First Year Retreat (FYR) on June 5, 2021. The First Year Retreat is an opportunity for the first year students to think about their learning paths at the College of IR (zemi selection and graduation research) through interaction with alumni. The same as last year’s FYR was a hybrid event to provide the option for remote participation.

We invited several guests who are active in various fields such as Journalism/Academic-Event Management, Manufacturing, Diplomat, Public Officer to share their experiences with students in both Japanese and English. In addition to speaking face-to-face with the students, alumni working at the UN Mission in New York and embassies abroad also interacted with the students through Zoom, utilizing the remote technology COVID-19 has popularized.
Participating students actively asked questions, expanding the image of their four years of study and future career.

An international student who graduated from the Global Studies Major, who is now working at Kyoto City Hall, gave us detailed information about job hunting and university life in Japan from the unique perspective of an international student.

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, all students except those living nearby were required to participate online. However, the event provided a precious chance for students who do not have enough opportunities to interact with alumni and have been anxious about their university life due to the pandemic.
After the event, students participating said, “It was really informative. The speaker comprehensively explained how he developed his career path, covering his university life to his current job position.” “Good advice about what to keep in mind. Eg, Japanese learning, exchange events etc are important both academically and professionally.”

The College of IR has been providing students, including those staying outside Japan due to the pandemic, with various opportunities to learn both on-campus and off-campus.

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