July 01, 2021 NEWS

Emergency Relief Package in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak 2021 "Ritsumeikan University Emergency Student Support Fund"

In June 2020 Ritsumeikan University dispersed financial assistance via the 2020 “Ritsumeikan University Emergency Student Support Fund” to students who lost their jobs or income, or whose allowance from home was lost or diminished, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund is sponsored by the kind donations of faculty, staff, alumni, the faculty and staff union, and others in connection with Ritsumeikan.
In 2021 the learning environment on campus continues to be restricted, with states of emergency and other measures being declared across the country in response to the pandemic. The university also recognizes that the daily lives of some students have come under pressure due to loss of part-time work income and diminished allowance sent from home due to sudden change in family finances, and that some students have been facing these issues continuously since last year.
In response to these circumstances and following in the framework established last year, the university will support students this year via the 2021 "Ritsumeikan University Emergency Student Support Fund." Through this year’s fund we aim to help students who financially have been treading in rough waters from July 2020 onwards.

Overview of the aid program

Roughly 10,000 – 30,000 yen
*Based on the number of applications and details therein, an amount roughly in the range of 10,000 – 30,000 yen will determined and dispersed to those eligible. All eligible applicants will receive the same amount.


2.The number of recipients
To be decided according to budget and number of applicants.

3.Eligibility Criteria
Students must meet all of the following requirements and conditions in order to apply for the program.

(1)Those who are enrolled in a regular course of undergraduate or graduate study at Ritsumeikan (including international students)
※Students on Leave of Absence as well as students who have exceeded their standard program duration are also eligible.
(2)Those who have experienced at least one of ① through ③ below.
 ① The applicant his or herself experienced a significant decrease in income due to not being able to work at their part-time job or having their working hours decreased as a result of COVID-19, or who expected to be hired for a part-time job but has not been able to secure a job offer as a result of COVID-19.
 ② The applicant experienced a significant decrease in allowance from family due to a sudden change in family finances due to COVID-19, or
 ③ The applicant has been in a continuous state of financial distress since last year.

4. Application Period
Application are closed

5. Application Guidelines, Application Form
Application Guidelines


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