September 07, 2022 NEWS

Ritsumeikan University will set the BCP Level for the beginning of the fall semester at Level 2

 Based on the status of COVID-19 infections and the level of requests from local governments, Ritsumeikan University will set the BCP Level for the beginning of the fall semester at Level 2. We will consider changing the BCP level if any changes occur in the status of infections or the national or local governments’ request levels.

 Students, faculty, and staff are requested to continue taking infection prevention measures to combat COVID-19. Although it is important to thoroughly enact the same basic infection prevention measures as usual in response to COVID-19, the risk of infection is particularly high when going to places where many people gather and when eating or drinking, so please be sure to eat alone and eat in silence. Let’s work together to prevent the spread of COVID.

1. To combat COVID-19, the basic protocols (properly wearing a nonwoven mask, washing and disinfecting hands, aiming for Zero C, and physical distancing) should be strictly followed.

2. On June 16, Ritsumeikan University revised its rules for wearing masks on campus.
(1) Wearing masks outdoors
• When you are outdoors on campus, you do not need to wear a mask (i) if you are able to keep your distance from others (at least 2m) or (ii) if you engage in little to no conversation in situations when you are not able to keep your distance from others.
* As long as you can adhere to these conditions, we recommend removing your mask when you are outdoors to prevent heat stroke, particularly in the summer.
* Conversely, please be sure to keep your mask on when you are outdoors if you cannot keep your distance from others (at least 2m) and are engaging in conversation.
(2) Wearing masks indoors
• When you are indoors on campus, please continue to wear a mask according to the current rules.

3. As for eating and drinking off campus, it is advisable to avoid eating and drinking in groups as much as possible, since the risk of infection increases when people talk without wearing masks. Be sure to eat alone and in silence.

4. If you feel sick or contract a fever, please call the university’s Medical Service Center or a nearby medical institution for a consultation before going to see a doctor.

5. Please contact the university in the following cases:
• If you have been infected.
• If you have become a close contact of an infected person.
* Report method: Use the dedicated form available from the university’s Medical Service Center homepage.
* For students who require special considerations for classes because they are infected, are a close contact, or are suspected of being infected, please submit an application via the Ritsumeikan Study Support Site in addition to reporting notifying the Medical Service Center.

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