Chancellor Yoshio Nakatani

December 07, 2022 NEWS

Press conference held for the inauguration of Chancellor Nakatani to his second term

On Tuesday, December 6, the Ritsumeikan Trust held a press conference at Suzaku Campus for the inauguration of Chancellor Yoshio Nakatani to his second term.

Chancellor Nakatani reflected on his first four years in office by saying he has worked hard to develop an Academy and campuses that are full of inquisitiveness and studiousness. He also talked about how he lead the Academy in implementing a wide array of initiatives including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the formulation of the R2030 Challenge Design (the mid-term plan that runs until 2030), the establishment of the Ritsumeikan Advanced Research Academy (RARA) and other efforts aimed at transforming Ritsumeikan into a next-generation research university, the decision to relocate the College and Graduate School of Image Arts and Sciences and the College and Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering to Osaka Ibaraki Campus, and the cultivation of social entrepreneurs and other forms of emergent talent.

As for his aspirations for his second term, Chancellor Nakatani declared that will strive to further develop Ritsumeikan as a next-generation research university and a next-generation inquiry-based academy. Next, he discussed future plans for research including transforming Biwako-Kusatsu Campus into a world-class research hub for the interdisciplinary field of wellbeing, establishing the tentatively named Research Center for Frontiers of Human Living to focus on research that also includes outer space, and other efforts to develop Japan-leading education and research.
In terms of education, he expressed his awareness of the importance of developing and implementing educational DX in academic affairs while exploring the nature and possibilities of teaching formats that optimally combine the advantages of online and face-to-face teaching.
Furthermore, he declared his intention to create an environment for education and research where an even more diverse array of constituents than ever before can engage in friendly rivalry, including the promotion of diversity and inclusion with a particular focus on providing opportunities for female faculty and students to excel in the sciences, the intake of international students, and the enhancement of educational offerings for working adults.

Chancellor Nakatani (who serves concurrently as the President of Ritsumeikan University) was appointed to a second four-year term that will begin on January 1, 2023 and last until December 31, 2026.


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