November 27, 2023 NEWS

Please be careful of scam emails that impersonate Ritsumeikan’s email address

On November 27 (Monday), we confirmed that fraudulent emails (spoofing emails) that impersonate our university’s email address have been sent by a third party.

The main characteristics of the fraudulent emails that have been confirmed so far are as follows.

・The subject of the email is “Credit card company name + Request for card usage confirmation”
・The body of the email contains the following content in the name of the credit card company: “Please log in to the website and confirm as suspicious activity has been detected”
・The sender of the email is falsified to an email address with the domain of Ritsumeikan University (

We have introduced a mechanism for verifying the sending domain and are taking measures against spoofing emails. If an email received from our university’s email address is judged as spam, please delete the email as it is likely to be a spoofing email by a third party. Depending on the specifications of the email service you use, it may not be judged as spam, but in that case, please also delete the email if the characteristics of the email match the above or if there are any suspicious points in the content.

Also, if you access the URL (fake website) listed in the spoofing email, your personal information may be stolen and misused by malicious third parties. Please be careful of fraudulent emails and fake websites that deceive our university.


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