Purposes and Missions

Fostering a New Generation of Leading Researchers on Asia-Japan
Developing a Common Vision for the Future of Asia and Japan
Deepening Asia Literacy and Contributing to Multicultural Cohabitation

The Asia-Japan Research Institute was established in December 2015 under the Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization as the 12th permanent research institute at Ritsumeikan University.

With the Institute's mission, "Cultivating Asia-literate, globally-capable human resources and contributing to the development of a common vision for the future of Asia and Japan," we are pursuing research that contributes to the "Asian Era" that is both strategic in nature as well possessing concepts one would come to expect from Ritsumeikan.

Given Japan's recent need to enhance its society with an increasing number of talented Asian supporters, the Institute aims to deepen Asia Literacy in Japan, and to contribute toward the realization of multicultural cohabitation.

The Institute also aims to focus its efforts on conducting comprehensive practical research that possesses the essence of the keywords, "Symbiosis," "Co-creation," and "Reconciliation," and disseminating the results of such research projects.

As a research organization at a private comprehensive academy located in the Asia Pacific region, we aim to create a hub for new Asian studies and Asia-Japan research based on highly innovative activities.

Furthermore, as a research center for promoting the globalization of the university, the Institute strives to strengthen its roles as a Gateway to Asia, an International Hub of Asia-Japan research, and a Liaison to connect the university with overseas institutions as well as connecting such institutions within the university.

Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization

Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization was established in 2015 and serves as a hub to connect various Asia/Japan research institutes and the core for creating “an academy that contributes to the future of Asia and the world.”

The organization, whose Director is the President of Ritsumeikan Academy, functions as a parent organization and platform that brings together scholars and researchers of Asian/Japanese Studies from various regions of the world.