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Asia-Pacific Conference

Since 2020, the Asia-Japan Research Institute has participated in the Asia Pacific Conference organized by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University through various panels. In 2020, we participated online due to the coronavirus pandemic, but since then, we have participated directly on the campus in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. In the future, we hope to continue to tackle various research themes and make use of this forum to exchange ideas with many researchers.

《Record of our panels for the Asia Pacific Conference》

Year/Month/Date Workshop title
2022/12/03~12/04 The 20th Asia Pacific Conference
“Arab-Islamic Traditions in the Modern World”
“Beyond Capitalism? Critical Debates from Philosophy and Economics”
“Diaspora Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives”
“Challenges of Sustainability and Development in Asia”
“Putting Modern East Asia in Perspective: Interrelationship between China, Japan, and Korea”
2021/12/04~12/05 The 19th Asia Pacific Conference
“Asian Resilience to Climate Change, Disaster, and Social Transformation”
“Realizing Islamic Values in the Contemporary Muslim Communities in Asia”
“Asia as a Theater of Cultural Communication”
“Asian Medicine: Tradition and Innovation”
2020/11/14~15 The 18th Asia Pacific Conference (Online)
“Prospects for Asian Paths of Sustainable Development”
“Transformation of Value Systems and Social Integration in Asia”